Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guided Teaching

I believe educators may benefit from direct instruction similar to that offered to students during small-group reading instruction. Educators can be given real-time feedback and support through the process of Guided Teaching.

 Guided Teaching is an instructional coaching method that enables the coach to work with a pre-service or in-service educator to help them learn effective strategies to facilitate discovery within their students.

The purpose of Guided Teaching is to provide an educator with direct instruction, enabling them to greatly expand their educational abilities.

Guided Teaching is a professional development approach that is designed to help individual educators learn how to process a variety of increasingly challenging methods with understanding and efficacy.

Guided Teaching occurs in a one-on-one setting. Prior to the Guided Teaching experience, the instructional coach and an participating educator agree upon specific instructional strategies on which to focus. The educator designs and administers the lesson. Throughout the lesson, the instructional coach engages the educator in clarifying questions, offers alternative phrasing and records data for future evaluation. The post-experience reflection includes a collaborative dialogue and individual written summations by the instructional coach and participating educator.

Guided Teaching is an instructional coaching model that can offer  instantaneous feedback to help improve an educator's effectiveness in improving student achievement.